Evidential and Forensic Photography

Many court decisions are made with the help of evidential quality photographs.

Western Executive Photography provides Evidence photography, Forensic and Technical Photography Services. Western Executive Photography has the experience including twenty years of law enforcement training and experience. We can provide you photographs for use in litigation. We can support our product in court with experienced court testimony. We use state of the art equipment that eliminates the defense the photos have been tampered with or altered. We are equipped with the latest technology that validates each and every image to assure its authenticity. In studio photographic service is available for documentation of portable items. On location services are available for larger item or scenes. Let us use our years of law enforcement experience to help support your attorneys, insurance adjusters, and investigators.

Skid marks, vehicle damage, instrument impact marks, seat belt stress and other trace evidence disappear soon after an event. Many time by time you make it to litigation this vital evidence is gone or was not obtained in a useable state. It is imperative that photos be taken as soon as possible following the event, not just photos but high quality photos that can be enlarged to fit your needs. With the necessary experience photos can be obtained that might show details typically overlooked.

Capturing detailed images that can be enlarged with clarity and detail of valuable evidence may mean the difference for you and your client.

Don't rely on testimony and witness statements alone to win your case. The use of undisputable photographic aids in the courtroom is invaluable when proving your case.

Every lawyer knows that testimonial evidence may be proved inaccurate. Even signed confessions do not necessarily prove guilt in Court. But, photographs of physical evidence can show what happened so clearly and convincingly that juries convict and judge’s sentence. Even pictures which never get to Court may make cases.

Aerial photography.

Crime scene & accident scene photography.

Macro (close up) photography.

Photography of injuries.

Vehicle photography.

Video photography & photographs from videotapes.

Trial exhibits & demonstrative evidence prepared.

Consulting, expert testimony & courtroom presentations.

Documentation of evidence is important in many aspects of a case, from simply recording the condition of evidence to enhancing details that may not be discernable to the human eye. In most cases evidence is documented only to save a record of the evidence. Some items require close up photographs to document aspects of that evidence that may be important to a case.

Not all evidence can be seen with the human eye, so several tools are used to aid in the search for evidence. Special light sources are often used. Some items of evidence, due to their small size, require special techniques for documentation.

Presentation is very important when appearing before a jury. The quality of visual aids compromises a large part of the overall impression a participant gets from these public presentations. The complexity of a case makes it extremely difficult to explain to a jury all the findings in a case; displays make it possible to sum up an entire case using both text and photographs.

We have over twenty years of law enforcement training and on the job experience. We know what you need and know how to obtain it. Let our experience help you. Let our on the job training regarding this type of photography with thousands of cases compiled and prosecuted work for you.

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