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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

It can be overwhelming price shopping and gathering all the information.

We offer a two photographer wedding shoot at no extra cost to you. This allows for multiple angles being captured at the same time and this really enhances the documentation of your wedding.

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We utilize top-end professional equipment that is needed to take the best possible photographs under virtually any conditions. Including portable studio equipment for your posed formal shots.

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We combine all of the styles and give you a full featured wedding package that will capture the true feelings and emotions saving them into lifelong images.
We can build you the perfect wedding photography package, you can choose one of our existing packages or we can build one from scratch. All of the packages include posed portraits of the bride, groom, bride and groom, wedding party, and any family pictures desired

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All of our packages include basic photo editing, minor color enhancement or blemish correction if needed. Wedding packages also include some image enhancement to black and white, sepia (antique), color spotting, or digital image framing. Please ask if you wish for any of these enhancements for specific images. Some may be provided as samples however we will gladly enhance any image you wish

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Please remember that the skill of taking a great picture does not start or stop with just getting the camera settings correct. Photography is a skill and an art at the same time. You will have made a great decision in hiring Western Executive Photography as your professional photographer for your special day. We strive to get great quality photographs with the most clarity, resolution and color recognition, all for a reasonable price. Our equipment is state of the art and we are prepared for any situation that may arise! In addition, you and your friends and family will be treated with respect and courtesy the entire time, and there will never be any demanding posing!


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